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EPIC Biophotonics Symposium and Exhibition

26th November 2015 - 27th November 2015
Berlin, Germany


In a published article in 2013, EPIC and TEMATYS highlighted 4 ways of growth for Biophotonics. If the annual average growth related to Photonics components (detectors, light engines, fibers, filters and other passive devices) is expected to reach 8 % yearly till 2017, average growth specific areas is varying from 30% to few %. We splitted the various business growth observed in 4 fundamentally different typologies of market introduction for Biophotonics technologies, each of them with its own dynamic: 1. Organic growth of the most mature markets 2. Increasing value of Biophotonic components in existing devices (Multimodal Imaging & sensing) 3. Substitution of incumbent technologies (Ultrasonic, NMR) by Biophotonics one 4. Creation of new application The programme is divided into sessions dealing with biophotonics application, business and market.

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