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GTSUMMIT — China-US Group Theory Summit 2019

22nd August 2019   -   25th August 2019
San Marcos, TX, United States


Group theory is a fundamental and highly active field of research within the mathematical sciences and has ramifications throughout all of mathematics and the sciences. There are large communities of group theory researchers in all continents, and they keep in touch through international meetings and conferences. However, local conditions and cultural circumstances under which mathematical research is done differ quite a bit between different regions of the world. The focus of this conference is on research in group theory in the USA and in China. One major goal of the conference is to establish and strengthen ties between group theorists in China and the US. It is the first conference in group theory with this focus. We will have about 15 invited talks and a limited number of contributed talks. The speakers from both countries will cover a large variety of the subjects in the area, which include representations of solvable groups, representations of simple groups, character theory, classes of groups, groups and combinatorics, recognizing simple groups from group invariants, p-groups, and fusion systems.

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