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Third Sino-Italian Workshop on Astrostatistics

9th October 2019   -   9th October 2019
Rome, Italy


The 3rd Sino-Italian Workshop on Astrostatistics is a bridge between two disciplines, Astrophysics and Statistics, between two countries with a long-lasting collaboration, China and Italy, and between expert and young scholars in the two fields, as the Workshop is traditionally welcoming young researchers. The Confucius Institute at the University of Padova kindled the interest of a closer collaboration between the two communities in 2017, when the first workshop took place in Padova and obtained an immediate success by reaching the maximum number of allotted participants. The third edition of this workshop will be hosted by the Astronomical Observatory of Rome in Monte Porzio Catone. This is an ideal venue for this meeting, as the Astronomical Observatory of Rome is the heir of the historical Observatory of the “Collegio Romano”, the Institution where Matteo Ricci, Li Madou, learned Mathematics, Geometry and Astronomy. Astrostatistics is much needed now when the new generations of astronomical and astroparticle instruments are ushering astronomical data into the Big Data era. In addition, we are witnessing the birth of M3Astronomy, short for Multi-Wavelength, Multi-Observatory, Multi-Messenger Astronomy, which is going to open a new window on the Universe, but will also present new challenges, from increasing the size and dimensions of collected data, to a proper calibration and cross-calibration of data from different instruments in different energy ranges, to a substantial reduction of the time needed to make data available to a wider scientific community. The workshop aims at exploring the frontier of Astrostatistics, where new techniques are devised and tested to deal with Big Data which are going to play crucial role in the forthcoming astronomical instrumentation. During the workshop both challenging and innovative aspects of statistics applied to astronomical data will be presented and discussed. During the workshop there will be plenary presentations about the state-of-the-art of Astrostatistics, research talks providing an extensive view of the forthcoming scenarios on this topic and a special session where to consolidate, or build-up, new collaborations between the Chinese and Italian scientific communities. An additional session will be dedicated to presentations from young scientists from both countries.