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ESAC Data Analysis and Statistics (EDAS) workshop 2019

2nd December 2019   -   2nd December 2019
Madrid, Spain


It is our pleasure to announce the fifth annual ESAC Data Analysis and Statistics (EDAS) workshop that will be held at the European Space Astronomy Centre near Madrid in Spain from Monday 2nd December to Thursday 5th December, 2019. The primary aim of the EDAS workshop is knowledge transfer: to teach and instruct through lectures and guided hands-on exercises essential notions in data analysis and statistics, as well as modern techniques and methods to improve the way we treat data and do science. This year the main focus will be on Machine Learning for astronomy and astrophysics, and our invited tutor is Siraj Raval. The number of participants cannot exceed 150, and therefore we may have to carry out a selection process. If you are very interested, please register as early as possible. We strive to have the most fruitful and useful workshops, and therefore encourage the greatest balance in diversity. In particular, we strongly encourage mid-career and women scientists such that we can strive to have as many men as women, and as many young as more seasoned scientists.