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International Conference on Infrared Astronomy and Astrophysical Dust

22nd September 2019   -   25th September 2019
IUCAA, Pune, INDIA, India


The interstellar medium (ISM) is a treasure trove for the study of a wide variety of physical phenomenon. Astrophysical dust plays an important role in star formation as well as in enriching the molecular diversity. Understanding dust and its evolution is crucial for elucidating many astrophysical phenomena that are best revealed through infrared astronomy. Recent infrared observations from Herschel, Spitzer, SOFIA and other missions have uncovered details of our universe from dusty cradles of stars, exoplanets and their atmosphere to remote galaxies. With upcoming dedicated space missions like WFIRST and JWST etc. many new opportunities are opening up. The detection of "Benzonitrile" in Taurus Molecular Cloud (Jan2018) and that of "Fullerene ion" as a near infrared DIB source (2015) have given exciting impetus for Molecular Astrophysics. Infrared astronomy and study of dust and molecules have opened attractive diverse interdisciplinary interactions. The conference intends to provide platform for expert discussions and presentations with ample opportunities for young and motivated students and researchers to interact and to take up challenging problems in this field. During the conference one session shall be dedicated to Prof. N.V. Voshchinnikov, who contributed immensely towards understanding dust and light scattering phenomenon.