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Lithium2019 — Lithium in the Universe: To Be or not to Be?

18th November 2019   -   22nd November 2019
Observatory of Rome, Italy


The scope of the meeting is to gather scientists active in the above-mentioned fields to stimulate open discussions on the many questions we still have. This conference is particularly timely because the last years have witnessed a significant improvement in the capability of major nuclear physics facilities, that will soon allow a high-quality description of the nuclear reactions involving lithium and beryllium. Furthemore, a growing body of observational data of lithium in cluster stars will soon be available, such as the WYIN open cluster survey. Furthermore, there is considerable development of 3D and NLTE modelling and their application to large spectroscopic data sets, which, while being computationally demanding, will allow determinations of lithium abundances with much higher fidelity than until now.