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Aspen Center for Physics Summer Workshop: Black Hole Formation, Accretion, and Outflows Through Cosmic Time

14th June 2020   -   5th July 2020
Aspen, Colorado, United States


Quantum dynamics has developed over the past decade into a major field of research, spanning the condensed matter, quantum optical, and high-energy theory communities. During this period, there have been many breakthroughs; for example, on many-body localization and its associated long-lived quantum memory in disordered systems, on novel topological orders that are only possible in periodically driven systems, on realizing and manipulating interacting Majorana modes for quantum computation, and the development of strong bounds on chaos in correlated quantum systems. This workshop aims to push the dynamical frontier in all these settings, paying special attention to the interplay of dissipation, topology and constraints, and new experimental platforms for simulating quantum dynamics.