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Physics of Neutron Stars - 2020

20th July 2020   -   24th July 2020
Saint Petersburg, Russia


This will be the 12th scientific meeting on neutron star physics in Saint Petersburg organized by the Theoretical Astrophysics Department of the Ioffe Institute. The conference will cover all major topics of observations and theory of neutron stars, particularly, isolated neutron stars, magnetars, radio pulsars, fast radio bursts, classical accreting X-ray pulsars, transitional millisecond pulsars, ultra-luminous X-ray pulsars, pulsar emission mechanisms, evolution of neutron stars, origin and evolution of their magnetic fields, equation of state and structure, mechanisms of supernova explosions and evolution of supernova remnants, gamma-ray observations of pulsars, X-ray polarimetry, neutron star mergers and gravitational-wave astronomy.