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AIAA Information Systems-Infotech@Aerospace Conference

4th January 2016 - 8th January 2016
San Diego, United States


Infotech @ Aerospace is AIAA’s premier forum for modern aerospace applications focusing on information-enabled systems, algorithms, hardware, and software, and it provides a unique opportunity for fostering advances and interactions across these disciplines. Attendees and authors span military, scientific, commercial, and academic communities that are dominated by the communication of information via computers and software that will shape the 21st-century development of aerospace systems. The conference focuses on scientific and engineering issues related to architecting, designing, developing, operating, and maintaining modern aerospace and defense systems, including aircraft, spacecraft, ground systems, robots, avionics, and sensors, as well as systems of systems. Of particular interest are autonomous, cooperative, and unmanned systems, communication and networked systems, robotic systems, and human-machine interactions. 

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