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CCFES2020 — Cracow Colloquium on f-electron systems 2020

28th June 2020   -   1st July 2020
Cracow, Poland


CCFES2020 focuses on the electronic structure, magnetism and superconductivity of f-electron systems (both lanthanides and actinides). It will cover both theoretical and experimental aspects. The colloquium will be also devoted to the field of hydrides of f-metal based materials and their technical application. Relevant contributions from the related research topics (e.g. transition metals) can also be included. To encourage the participation of students, a low student fee is envisaged. Besides, a special session (“the scientific session for young scientists”) will be organized within CCFES2020 program. It gives the opportunity for graduate and Ph.D. students to present the results obtained in the course of their studies.