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EMBL Course: Gene Expression at Spatial Resolution

31st August 2020   -   4th September 2020
Heidelberg, Germany


This course will introduce participants to a new generation of a spatially resolved transcriptomics assay provided by 10x Genomics. Through the combination of state-of-the-art sequencing technology and high-resolution microscopy, 10x Genomics is enabling researchers to study gene expression of cells within their morphological context of an intact tissue section. Through both theoretical sessions, as well as extensive hands-on practical work, the participants will learn the entire workflow of sample preparation including cryosectioning of fresh-frozen tissue samples, optimisation of tissue fixation and permeabilisation, high-resolution microscopy and sequencing library preparation. Utilising the 10x Genomics Loupe Browser pipeline, the participants will also have hands-on training of spatial transcriptomics data analysis.