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3DBioNet/IBIN Joint Bioimaging Meeting

20th January 2020   -   21st January 2020
London, United Kingdom


The next IBIN meeting will be a joint venture with 3DBioNet, a partner UKRI TTL network. 3DBioNet is focussed on developing 3D cell culture models of human tissues and there is overlap between the two networks. This meeting will promote collaboration between the two networks as well as enable discussion of the bioimaging challenges facing both networks. The 1st day of the meeting will be hosted by 3DBioNet and will consist of talks and discussions surrounding the current challenges in 3D cell culture, with a similar format to our past events, and a particular focus on how mathematical modelling can contribute to this field. The 2nd day of the meeting will be a special joint programme between 3DBioNet and IBIN aimed at fostering collaboration between the networks as well as identifying and tackling the current bioimaging challenges. Attendees have the option to sign up to either day or the full two-day meeting. We hope you are able to join us for what is set to be a fantastic programme.