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Gordon Research Conference — DNA Damage, Mutation and Cancer

1st March 2020   -   6th March 2020
Ventura, CA, United States


The 2020 Gordon Research Conference (GRC) on DNA Damage, Mutation and Cancer is focused on exploring the various sources of DNA damage, how DNA lesions are detected and repaired, and the cellular consequences of repair. This understanding can be exploited to determine vulnerabilities in the repair processes for cancer diagnoses, treatments and therapies. Of particular new interest is the appreciation of the range of mutations that are associated with damage and repair, including the intersection of replication and transcription, the importance of chromosome rearrangements, and the immune response associated with DNA damage and repair. The conference will present new sessions on these topics and aims to consider new approaches and technologies. This conference is organized to stimulate constructive interactions among an international group of experts including academic scientists, researchers from industry, and practicing clinicians. Participants will discuss the most recent and unpublished advances resulting from the current convergence of knowledge. The conference will be all-inclusive and strive to include trainee participation beyond the associated Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) that will precede the GRC meeting. There will be a Power Hour associated with the GRC where attendees from all levels of expertise are encourage to participate in discussion of issues ranging from support and growth of women in science to support for all minorities in science to work/life balance. The poster sessions will be an important part of the conference and an opportunity for trainees to present their work. The meeting takes place in a relaxed environment as discussions begin over breakfast, continue during the afternoon and extend into the evening through convivial gatherings after each session. Most attendees will present posters in very active discussion sessions. The program will include times for short talks to be selected from poster abstracts. For the third time, the conference will be preceded by a 1.5 day Gordon Research Seminar (GRS), to foster involvement at the graduate student and postdoctoral level. Planned by and for trainees, it will provide an opportunity for junior researchers to present their work in a supportive, interactive environment. Time will also be devoted to career and funding planning.