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BANGKOK | drug design & genome editing — 2-day Technical & Hands-on Bioinformatics Workshop in Drug Discovery & Genome Editing Using CRISPR, ZFNs & TALENs

2nd December 2019   -   3rd December 2019
Bangkok, Thailand


In Bangkok, we have launched our THIRD workshop and SECOND on Drug Discovery. This 2-Day Technical & Hands-on Bioinformatics Workshop on Drug Discovery Technology & Genome Editing by CRISPR/Cas9, ZFNs, and TALENs. The 2-day hands-on training course will focus on the topics of Molecular Interactions in Drug Discovery & Design along with techniques in Genome Editing. The program is designed to help students, researchers, faculties, professors, scientists, and company professionals to understand and use fundamental Genomics & Drug discovery concepts. The course includes lectures and hands-on training on concepts, applications, and software tools.