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Gordon Research Conference — Chromatin Structure and Function

31st May 2020   -   5th June 2020
Castelldefels, Spain


The 2020 Gordon Conference on Chromatin Structure and Function will bring together an international cohort of outstanding experts to discuss their latest and most exciting research on chromatin as a powerful regulatory platform that shapes genome function. The field is evolving at a rapid pace with new methodological advances enabling chromatin mapping and visualization all the way from the levels of genomics to a single cell. At the same time new concepts of genome organization are sparking a rethinking of the role of chromatin. The meeting will cover the fundamentals of chromatin biology, ranging from the behavior of nucleosomes to the higher order organization of the genome. The role of chromatin organization and dynamics in physiology and disease will also be highlighted as will the crosstalk between chromatin modifications, RNA and metabolism. We expect the program to encompass state-of-the-art and innovative technical approaches that include atomic resolution structural studies, single cell resolution quantitative studies and methods to map organismal development. This conference has a long history of attracting top researchers and new entrants in chromatin research. It has always been an important forum for fostering new ideas, interactions and collaborations, and this tradition will be continued in 2020. Conference attendees traditionally stay for the duration of the meeting, and the presentation of the unpublished material is strongly encouraged. A particular emphasis will be put on integrating new members into this growing field by choosing a large numbers of talks from submitted abstracts. It is anticipated that these talks will provide young scientists and under-represented minorities an opportunity to present their work and ensure inclusion of the latest developments in the field. Additionally, all applicants will have the option to present a poster on their work. Sufficient discussion time will be scheduled into every session to promote in depth and open exchange of ideas and interpretations and there will be ample time set aside in the afternoons and after the evening sessions for the informal interactions that have always played a key role at this conference. As a very successful addition to the GRC, this conference will also be preceded by a GRS which we expect to provide a lively and interactive networking platform for the younger conference participants.