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Gordon Research Seminar — Biocatalysis

11th July 2020   -   12th July 2020
Southern New Hampshire University, Manchester, NH, United States


The Gordon Research Seminar on Biocatalysis is a unique forum for graduate students, post-docs, and other scientists with comparable levels of experience and education to present and exchange new data and cutting edge ideas. In the 30 years since the first Biocatalysis Gordon Research Conference was held the field has made huge strides; it is the goal of this seminar to freely discuss the newest ideas in Biocatalysis in an off-the-record setting. The focus of this meeting is discovery and utilization of Biocatalysts in novel ways; whether it be the combination of biocatalysts to access new chemistries, control of pathways to enhance or isolate valuable intermediates, or design and discovery of never before seen bio-catalytic reactions. In addition to designing new pathways, we are interested in mechanistic understanding of how difficult reactions are catalyzed by enzymes and other biological catalysts. We encourage scientists and engineers, interested in academia and industry, to come and discuss how they are using biocatalysts in original ways. The GRS will consist of a keynote lecture by a leader in the field, talks by peers selected from submitted abstracts, and a panel discussion for young investigators to chat about the future of biocatalysis, careers, and keeping up in such a high-pressure field. We hope to see you in New Hampshire at the 2020 Biocatalysis GRS!