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Gordon Research Conference — Aqueous Corrosion

12th July 2020   -   17th July 2020
Colby-Sawyer College, New London, NH, United States


Even in the 21st century, many longstanding corrosion issues of traditional materials remain unsolved, and new, difficult challenges concerning degradation processes in unusual and extreme environments or involving novel materials continually arise. Added to these are ever-increasing economic and regulatory pressures for improved corrosion performance. At a time of diminishing resources, increasing concern for the natural environment, and demands for extended longevity of infrastructure, the world cannot afford to continue to squander > 3% of GDP on corrosion losses. Through in-depth presentations of cutting edge research from leading international experts, lively discussion periods after each talk, ample opportunities for informal discussion in a relaxed and rejuvenating environment, and stimulating poster sessions, the 2020 GRC on Aqueous Corrosion will explore emerging knowledge, novel strategies, and advanced methodologies that are opening the door to resolving some of these problems. The presentations will address both advances and items of persistent or developing concern in the areas of corrosion mechanisms, new analytical tools, passivity and passive films, localized corrosion, the roles of hydrogen in various corrosion processes, corrosion reactions occurring in porous media, the influence of microorganisms on corrosion, and corrosion studies involving advanced materials. The final session aims to combine a mixture of hindsight, experienced intuition, prescience, and a touch of speculation to highlight key areas for advances and routes to resolving the foremost challenges facing or soon to be faced by corrosion scientists. The GRC will continue its tradition of promoting discussion between academic, government and industrial researchers and students from around the globe. We intend to apply financial assistance as required to ensure equity, diversity, and inclusiveness in this meeting. Graduate students and young researchers are encouraged to present their work in poster format and exchange ideas with leaders in the field.