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Gordon Research Conference — Ionic Liquids

9th August 2020   -   14th August 2020
Newry, ME, United States


Ionic Liquids are materials of almost boundless possibilities. Their countless variations and accessible properties enable them to be applied to virtually any area of science and technology. Building on the foundational work of a relatively few dedicated practitioners, research into ionic liquids has seen an unprecedented level of growth over the past 25 years. Applications of these remarkable materials are being realized in areas as diverse as electrochemical power, renewable fuels and chemicals, advanced materials, sensors, biomaterial processing, biotechnology, catalysis, pharmaceuticals, and separations. Underlying much of this work has been the relatively recent concept that ionic liquids are salts that melt below 100°C, and this paradigm has constrained the perspective of many of those new to the ionic liquids community. For well over a hundred years ionic liquids were thought of simply as liquid salts, and they were often referred to as molten salts, especially for higher temperature systems. Today ionic liquids and molten salts are thought of as separate and distinct research directions, and there is limited interaction between the two communities. However, just as temperature is a continuum so are ionic liquids. There is much potential for ionic liquids looking beyond 100ºC and exploring more "extreme" conditions. The goal of this GRC is to expand the view of the participants on what ionic liquids are and how moving beyond self-imposed boundaries can enhance the potential of these remarkable materials. Presentations at this GRC will highlight many key interest areas of ionic liquids research and will foster thought provoking and stimulating discussions. In addition, selected talks will seek to expand beyond the conventional boundaries of ionic liquids. Amplifying this will be lively poster sessions and social events that will provide ample opportunities for interaction and dialog.