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PRAXISforum - Additive Manufacturing

27th May 2020   -   28th May 2020
DECHEMA House, Frankfurt / Main, Germany


New technologies create opportunities in plant construction and design as well as in process engineering that were previously unconceivable. What is already possible, and where are the challenges for additive manufacturing in the process industries? Find out about the latest trends from providers and users, and discover the benefits that they can offer your company. Additive manufacturing involves various manufacturing processes in which a component is built up layer by layer by depositing material, on the basis of digital 3D design data. Today it extends far beyond low-volume production and rapid prototyping. The range of available materials from polymers and composites to metals in combination with different processing techniques opens up tremendous varieties of products and processes. Spare parts from a 3D printer, function integration in components or material savings through generative design are just a few examples of the advantages of additive manufacturing. The DECHEMA PRAXISforum “Additive Manufacturing” brings together industry professionals, solution providers and key customers in the field of additive manufacturing from all over the world. It is your chance to attend and learn more about the latest developments, products, services and technologies. Meet experts from research and development as well as technology providers.