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WISE — Web Information Systems Engineering

26th November 2019   -   30th November 2019
Hong Kong, China


Thanks for your plan of attending WISE2019 in Hong Kong. While there were some transportation routes got affected recently, the recovery has been smooth and prompt. So our plan is still to hold the conference in Hong Kong as scheduled, since we see that the current situation is by and large in order and under control. The conference registration includes admission to all WISE 2019 conference and workshop sessions. Note that if you’re also planning to attend the workshop sessions (which will be on 30 Nov, right after the main conference sessions), the venue will be in Macau as announced on the conf. website. The plan is to facilitate people outside of HK to have the opportunity of going through the Hong Kong – Zhuhai – Macau bridge which is really worth the experience. And the conf. OC will arrange buses for that purpose during the last day (30 Nov) of the conference. Please note that some countries may require to obtain the Macau Permit separately (e.g., mainland China) by applying for it, and the conference OC has prepared the invitation letter for such attendants in case of need. So make sure you get ready and prepared for the Macau Permit in advance! Hope the above information would be of some help to you and your planning, and we look forward to welcoming you to WISE2019 in late November!