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AICAS 2020 — 2nd IEEE International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Circuits and Systems

23rd March 2020   -   25th March 2020
Genova, Italy


Artificial Intelligence is driving a new revolution in domains ranging from manufacturing, automotive, healthcare, robotics, entertainment, and many others. New computing platforms are required to support the emerging AI algorithms and applications, from cloud servers to edge devices, from system level to circuit level. AICAS facilitates research, innovation and development activities at the frontiers of circuits and systems for AI. It allows academia to meet industry from the international community to exchange experiences, demonstrate their studies and further advance AI technologies. AICAS is the major conference for AI that stands between theory, applications, and ASICs. The theme of AICAS2020 is “Circuits and systems for efficient embedded AI”, revolving around the development of hardware and computational strategies towards an increase in system efficiency that supports efficient, embedded, smart applications (such as mobile, robotics, automotive).

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