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JIC Smart Cities

17th December 2019   -   19th December 2019
Cairo, Egypt


Building and developing of Smart Cities is not a luxurious choice anymore. The world is now facing a decrease in many resources, and the need for saving and managing these resources is essential. In the same time while facing this decrease in resource, the world faces the increase in demand due to the increase of population growth; which needs more cities and infrastructures. To balance the equation and to save our world, we need to go for smart sustainable solutions to allow us growing but with good saving and proper management for our resources. Creating and developing smart cities includes many challenges in construction, management, information technology, sustainable material, design and design codes, intelligent transportation systems and many more. The 1st Joint International Conference on Design and Construction of Smart City Components addresses the challenges facing engineers in design and construction of smart city components and presenting concepts and insight from experts and researchers from different engineering disciplines. The conference presents technical researches and keynote lectures along with workshops to cover the design and construction of smart cities and give the audience a showcase through an exhibition for the latest development in smart cities.