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International Biohydrometallurgy Symposium 2015

4th October 2015 - 8th October 2015
Sanur/Bali, Indonesia


The IBS is an international symposium on biohydrometallurgy, held biannually since 1977, and the IBS 2015 will be the first time that this conference is held in Indonesia. The IBS 2015 is an exciting international forum that will address the many challenges facing important areas in biohydrometallurgy, (bio)-metallurgy environments and (bio)-remediation. Research over many years has shown that biohydrometallurgy, which uses biological processes to extract and recover metals, is regarded as an eco - friendly biotechnology for producing precious and base metals, and is considered likely by many scientists to become more extensive in application in future years. Moreover as metal ore grades continue to decline and the need to less accessible ore bodies, to reprocess wastes and to recycle metals from electronic and other materials becomes more challenging.

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