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100th AMS Annual Meeting — 20th Conference on Aviation, Range, and Aerospace Meteorology

12th January 2020   -   16th January 2020
Boston, MA, United States


The focus of the 20th Aviation, Range and Aerospace Meteorology (ARAM) Conference is aligned with the general theme of the 100th AMS Annual Meeting, “The AMS Past, Present, and Future: Linking Information to Knowledge to Society (LINKS).” The ARAM Conference will spotlight key historical contributions to aviation, range, and aerospace meteorology research and development, along with their role in advancing applications across varied operational domains and interests. The ARAM conference will also consider how its meteorological domains may evolve in the future, in anticipation of developing applications and operational needs. Much of this evolution will leverage the continued scientific advancements being made in aviation, range and aerospace meteorology, which will be an ongoing focus of this conference.