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First EAGE Workshop on Fiber Optic Sensing

9th March 2020   -   11th March 2020
Amsterdam, Netherlands


Our workshop seeks to explore the growing use of fibre-optic sensing technologies for well, reservoir and production monitoring in hydrocarbon and geothermal projects. The workshop will predominantly focus on geophysical applications and production monitoring using Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) but will also provide a full overview of the range of applications offered by fibre optic sensors including DTS and DSS. The workshop will cover four main topics: Geophysical Monitoring, Integration, Flow Measurements and Current Challenges and Needs. Over the three days we will see a wide range of technical presentations on physics of the signal, signal processing, advancements in instrumentation, applications and technology integration. Emphasis will also be placed on the economic and practical considerations of fibre optic deployment including current challenges, business impacts and technological limitations as well as expectations for major improvements within: processing, interrogation, fibres and acquisition design.