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Fifth EAGE Eastern Africa Petroleum Geoscience Forum

30th March 2020   -   1st April 2020
Cape Town, South Africa


World class offshore gas resources in Tanzania’s Coastal Basin and Mozambique’s Rovuma Basin, and the more recent gas-condensate discovery in the Brulpadda well in South Africa are paving the way for future energy supplies in the region. Additionally, the wealth of potential resources onshore, such as geothermal, coal bed methane and shale gas provide an opportunity for Southern and Eastern Africa to develop a diverse supply in meeting the energy needs of the region and elsewhere in the world where it is exported. However, along the extensive coastlines of the region, there remains significant areas of frontier and under-explored acreage, and much of the onshore potential has yet to demonstrate commercial viability. In the offshore, much of the remaining potential lies in areas with subtle stratigraphic traps, and challenging environmental conditions. Onshore, balancing the competing needs and overcoming the above ground challenges are all required to support efficient and responsible extraction.