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First EAGE Workshop on Newfoundland and Labrador

1st September 2020   -   3rd September 2020
St. John's, Canada


The recent successes in bid auctions in the offshore and deep offshore NewfoundLand Labrador have renewed the interest in the province and East Canada offshore potential in general. The area poses various geological and operational challenges, which are to be addressed through an effective collaboration between stakeholders, including Canadian federal and provincial authorities, IOCs, independent operators, geological, geophysical and drilling service companies as well as academia. We are confident that the latest advances in geological and geophysical sciences, as well as drilling and specific HSE and operational requirements in difficult environment will be a major feature of the workshop. It will offer a unique opportunity to share and transfer knowledge on potential and proven plays, petroleum systems, geodynamic context of the North Atlantic (West and East) and Labrador Sea as well as economic conditions under which development projects can be launched in such environment. In addition, the data and knowledge presented may be mutually beneficial to reevaluate existing or under explored petroleum provinces offshore Western Europe, North Africa and North America