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5th International Conference on Inventive Computation Technologies (ICICT-2020)

26th February 2020   -   28th February 2020
Hotel Arcadia, Coimbatore, India., India


International Conference on Inventive Computation Technologies From past decades, Computational Intelligence [CI] encompasses a wide range of computational methodologies, which mainly includes neural networks, Fuzzy Systems, Genetic algorithms and other such hybrid computing models to address various real-world complexities and uncertainties. Recently, the emerging intelligent computing technologies focus primarily on solving the data analysis challenges in various real-time applications like industries, financial and business models, scientific and social networking applications. The International Conference on Inventive Computation technologies [ICICT 2020] organized by RVS Technical Campus on 26-28 February 2020 attempts to create a collaborative research platform to foster innovative research insights in the design, development, and applications of intelligent computing technologies. In particular, ICICT 2020 focuses on sustaining innovative computing-based solutions by efficiently using emerging Machine learning, deep learning, cloud computing, fog/edge computing, natural language processing, artificial neural networks, semantic analysis and collaborative intelligence models.

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