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CalGIS 2020

9th February 2020   -   11th February 2020
Long Beach, CA, United States


"CalGIS presents excellent opportunities to network with friendly fellow professionals and to have a nice time while doing so. Organizers and attendees are generally approachable and enthusiastic about discussing their work and ideas. The conference is a perfect opportunity to see how people in a wide variety of fields are using GIS to accomplish intriguing and important goals. And as a student new to the field, I found CalGIS to be a welcoming and educational window into the profession." (Allen Dailey, CalGIS 2019 attendee) "It was like being in a room full of people like me, just excited to nerd out about GIS applications! Everyone is so friendly and approachable. This was a beneficial and fun experience. Can-t wait until next year." (A.M., CalGIS 2019 attendee)