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EMBL Course: Immune Profiling of Single Cells

10th February 2020   -   13th February 2020
Heidelberg, Germany


This course will introduce participants to the state-of-the-art immune receptor profiling for single cells provided by 10x Genomics. With the expansion of the Single Cell Feature Barcoding portfolio, 10x Genomics is now enabling the analysis of gene expression, cell surface protein abundance, antigen specificity, as well as full-length paired T Cell (or B Cell) receptor transcript profiling all within the same single cell sample. Through extensive hands-on work in the lab, participants will learn the entire workflow of sample preparation including antibody staining of cell surface markers, handling of high-quality single cell suspensions, generating emulsions using the 10x Genomics Single Cell Chromium Controller, sequencing library preparation (gene expression, protein, B Cell receptor), and finally integrated data analysis using our graphical user interface Loupe Cell Browser.