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Gordon Research Conference — Cornea and Ocular Surface Biology and Pathology

16th February 2020   -   16th February 2020
Lucca (Barga), Italy


The 2020 Gordon Research Conference (GRC) and Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) on Cornea and Ocular Surface Biology and Pathology will explore mechanisms underlying corneal and ocular surface health and disease. The aim of the meeting is to share new knowledge from basic and clinical research so that we are better equipped as a vision community to translate findings from bench to bedside in a timely manner and so maintain, restore and improve corneal and ocular surface health now and in the future. The novelty of this conference will be the focus on advances in methodology and translation of discoveries into clinical practice. The presentations will feature established and early career scientists in a range of areas from the field of cornea and ocular surface research. Corneal and ocular surface biology and pathology will be addressed by integrated sessions that include the microbiome, exosomes, gene editing and potential for personalized medicine, transcriptome and proteomics as well as corneal stem cells, novel approaches to ocular surface drug delivery, how the adnexa influence corneal function and the path of discoveries from the bench to the clinic. By bringing together investigators at the forefront of ocular surface biology, the GRC on Cornea and Ocular Surface Biology and Pathology will provide unique opportunities for cross-fertilization among young investigators, including graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and early career researchers. The associated GRS is designed to allow and encourage graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, early career scientists and junior faculty to share their research in an active and non-intimidating environment. Short talks and discussion and poster sessions are the focus of this seminar. The GRS will include a mentoring session delivered by established researchers in the field and conclude with an evaluation session.

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