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Gordon Research Conference — Basal Ganglia

8th March 2020   -   13th March 2020
Ventura, CA, United States


The basal ganglia are an intricately interconnected group of subcortical brain regions that are critical for the motivation, selection, initiation, and execution of appropriate actions. Consistent with these roles, basal ganglia dysfunction is linked to debilitating psychomotor disorders, including Parkinson-s disease, Huntington-s disease, dystonia, addiction, obsessive compulsive disorder, and Tourette-s syndrome. The Basal Ganglia GRC brings together basic, translational, and clinical research communities to discuss new data on basal ganglia function. The overarching theme is "from thought to action", which reflects the multitude of functions mediated by basal ganglia circuits, ranging from evaluating goals, to deciding and planning, to selecting a movement. Speakers will discuss new studies highlighting the diversity of circuits, cell types, and molecular mechanisms that contribute to cellular plasticity, interactions within and beyond basal ganglia circuits, cognition and decision, and new computational models. This conference will also highlight new discoveries enabled by new tools. Clinical relevance will be indicated by speakers addressing movement disorders, freezing of gait, addiction, and mental health. The collegial atmosphere of the Basal Ganglia GRC, with discussion sessions as well as opportunities for informal gatherings in the afternoons and evenings, provides an opportunity for scientists with different perspectives and disciplines to meet and discuss potential cross-disciplinary collaborations that should advance both basic and clinical research on the basal ganglia.

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