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Gordon Research Conference — Cell Polarity Signaling

31st May 2020   -   5th June 2020
Colby-Sawyer College, New London, NH, United States


Polarity endows cells with the ability to create specialized structures and surfaces, make connections with other cells to form dynamic tissues, and divide asymmetrically to produce daughters of different potential and fate. Cell polarity is therefore critical for development, homeostasis, and regeneration, and loss of polarity contributes to diseases such as kidney disease and cancer. The field of cell polarity has seen a surge in interest that includes research into a wide variety of topics using many different model systems. Recent technical advances, particularly in imaging, promise to fuel the field into new directions. The subtitle of the 2020 meeting, "Dynamics of Cell Polarity", reflects the focus of the meeting on the dynamic aspects of cell polarity - within cells and across tissues. The Cell Polarity Signaling GRC has been held biennially since 2014. The 2020 meeting will feature 30 invited speakers studying diverse aspects of cell and tissue polarity in plants, fungi, a variety of invertebrate and vertebrate animal models, and cultured cells. Additional talks selected from the submitted abstracts and four poster sessions will allow attendees to share their latest research. The meeting will begin with an evening keynote session, and will be followed by sessions on polarity dynamics, polarity transitions during development, polarity and morphogenesis, polarity and the cytoskeleton, polarity transitions during disease, and polarity in asymmetric divisions and stem cells. A Gordon Research Seminar (GRS), organized by and for trainees, immediately precedes the GRC. The GRS will assemble 40-50 trainees and a small number of more senior researchers to present and discuss their latest findings in the cell polarity field. The GRS and GRC will be held on the scenic campus of Colby-Sawyer College in New London, New Hampshire, with transportation available from nearby Boston. Together, the 2020 Cell Polarity Signaling GRS and GRC will provide an interactive and engaging environment to share the latest research in the broad and dynamic field of cell polarity.

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