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Bangkok CRISPR 2019 — CRISPR Battle | Gene & Genome Editing, CRISPR patents and the regulation of Genome editing in Plants, Animals and Humans

3rd December 2019   -   3rd December 2019
Bangkok, Thailand


In Bangkok, we have launched a 1-Day seminar on Gene & Genome Editing by CRISPR/Cas9, ZFNs, and TALENs. This will be our THIRD workshop in Bangkok and the 1-day event will focus on the topics of Genome Editing along with the discussion on the recent battles over CRISPR patents and the regulation of genome editing in plants, animals, and humans. The program is designed to help students, researchers, faculties, professors, scientists, and company professionals to understand Genomics & concepts of Genome Editing and the number of legal, ethical and social issues of CRISPR.