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Bangkok MetaGenomics 2019 — 1-Day Technical Hands-on Bioinformatics Workshop in MetaGenomics Analysis in 16S rRNA | Amplicon Sequencing Data Analysis

2nd December 2019   -   2nd December 2019
Bangkok, Thailand


Advancement of technologies like genome sequencing and metagenomics has given the scientists to study the microbes along with their function resulting in microbiome research. Innovation & creativity is an integral part of the BDG Lifesciences and we always launch new programs on the newest topics. We have launched a 1-day Hands-on Bioinformatics Workshop on MetaGenomics Analysis in 16S rRNA | Amplicon Sequencing Data Analysis in which we will teach about the Metagenomics analysis of Amplicon sequencing, where sequences were only the rRNA or ribosomal DNA of organisms generated through HTS (high throughput sequencing) reads to identify species in microbial or environmental DNA samples. The aim of this training course is to determine the micro-organisms from which the sequences in our sample are coming from, this is called taxonomic assignation. We try to assign sequences to taxons and then classify or extract the taxonomy in our sample. It will be an extensive hands-on training program in which participants will run the processes of MetaGenomics analysis on their own computer systems with complete learning of technology. The course will be of great help to students/ researchers/ faculty/ scientists in learning this latest technology to analyze the Sequencing Data.