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Clinical Endocrinology 2020

21st March 2020   -   25th March 2020
Boston, MA, United States


Renowned experts in endocrinology at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital deliver Clinical Endocrinology—the acclaimed annual update of current endocrine diagnostic and management strategies. If you provide care to patients with endocrine disorders, this course will be invaluable to your medical decision-making and patient care. ENDOCRINOLOGISTS, INTERNISTS, FAMILY PHYSICIANS, PEDIATRICIANS, NPs and PAs (and other clinicians who treat endocrine disorders) can rely on this program to enhance your endocrine knowledge and optimize your care of endocrine disorders with evidence-based strategies. --Pituitary hormone excess and deficiency states--Adrenal conditions--Male and female reproductive conditions--Calcium/bone disorders (including osteoporosis)--Thyroid nodules/cancer--Thyroid hormone excess and deficiency states--Diabetes: type 1, type 2, and in pregnancy--Obesity--Lipid disorders