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Third EAGE Workshop on Rock Physics

15th November 2015 - 18th November 2015
Istanbul, Turkey


EAGE is planning a third Rock Physics Workshop to take place in Istanbul in November 2015, following the success of two previous workshops held in Dubai 2012 and in Oman 2014. Rock physics has traditionally been a niche field within geophysics, limited to experts who are well acquainted with experimental and theoretical research. Today, rock physics has become a significant part of interpreter’s quantitative workflow and plays an important role in the basin scale characterization of the subsurface, integrating both well log and seismic data analysis. In this edition, we would like to focus on the application of rock physics during exploration and production, for prospect evaluation and reservoir characterization. In particular, we would like to address how rock physics can improve the link between geophysical measurements and geological processes at various scales. The use of rock physics as a link between basin analysis and geophysics will facilitate to extrapolate properties away from the drilled wells in frontier areas. The workshop will provide key emphasis on rock physics applications at various scales, between disciplines, and at different stages during a field life cycle.

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