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10th International Workshop on HIV & Women 2020

6th March 2020   -   7th March 2020
Boston, United States


We are pleased to announce the 10th edition International Workshop on HIV & Women, which will be held on 6 – 7 March 2020 in Boston, MA just prior to CROI. The international workshop on HIV and women has now completed its 9h year and continues to evolve. It is an outstanding opportunity for health care providers, researchers, government, industry and community to discuss, debate, and further their knowledge on the issues related to HIV and women. The format of the meeting enables attendees to learn from experts in the field of HIV and related health, and then to dialogue on the issues, the gaps and the opportunities for further learning and research. Many of the attendees come each year and have formed valuable relationships and partnerships which has led to collaborative projects. The enthusiasm and dedication of the participants is palpable throughout the meeting. The debates and round tables are an important vehicle to discuss the issues and challenge dogma. Over the years, the number of submitted abstracts and the quality has continued to improve. The meeting also provides a forum for new investigators to present their work, and to meet personally with experts they view as mentors and inspiration for their work. The meeting considers both local and global issues, and information learned in one setting is often translated to another. Our timing now enables participants to combine this meeting with CROI.