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CLC2016 — CRACOW LANDSCAPE CONFERENCE 2016 - Landscape as impulsion for culture: research, perception & protection

29th June 2016 - 1st July 2016
Cracow, Poland


Multidisciplinary landscape studies create a unique opportunity to trace cultural and environmental transformations and move us closer to understanding the distance that humanity have covered for the hundreds thousands years of its development. This is because the cultural “multi-layer structure” is an inherent feature of landscape, making it a kind of a palimpsest.We invite you to participate in the first CLC meeting, during which we will try to bring together the efforts of specialists representing numerous disciplines that investigate, interpret, or create landscapes. We will be talking about definitions and understanding of landscape-related issues among people from different cultural milieus, discuss the role of landscape studies in examining the human past, and analyse the contemporary perception of landscape and methods of its protection and transformation.

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