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MolPath20 — EACR-OECI Joint Conference: Molecular Pathology Approach to Cancer

18th May 2020   -   20th May 2020
Lisbon, Portugal;_medium=web&utm;_campaign=listing&utm;_content=


Molecular pathology is revolutionising clinical practice in oncology and pathology paving the way for precision medicine, and has evolved into a growing research field. Knowledgeable molecular pathologists are a significant bottle neck for advancing cancer research and patient care. This meeting will provide participants with a broad view of the scope, methodologies, future directions and challenges in addition to practical approaches for molecular pathology in research and in clinical settings. The potential uses of deep learning in pathology will be discussed. The meeting will help participants to establish a network of interactions and to build bridges to foster cross disciplinary studies. We are preparing for the future and for the unknown discoveries still to come.