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CIRM conference — Mathematical aspects of physics with non-self-adjoint operators: 10 years after

7th December 2020   -   11th December 2020
Marseille, France


The primary motivation for the meetings was driven by the existing lack of synergy between mathematicians and mathematical physicists interested in theoretical aspects of the newly developing fields of modern physical phenomena described by non-self-adjoint operators (non-Hermitian quantum mechanics, metamaterials, repeated interaction quantum systems, superconductivity, etc.). The series has been successful in gathering scientists from different communities who would not ordinarily interact in the same conference. In the forthcoming event we intend to continue with this purpose and, as in past events, we wish to bring together world class specialists in Mathematical Physics, Microlocal and Semiclassical Analysis, Dynamical Systems, Harmonic Analysis, Evolution PDEs and Stochastic Processes.