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Geometry and Combinatorics from Root Systems

22nd March 2021   -   26th March 2021
Providence, RI, United States


The purpose of the workshop is to bring together a diverse group of researchers working on combinatorial and geometric aspects related to spaces with symmetries. The workshop will cover problems arising from various flavors of Schubert Calculus and enumerative geometry on flag manifolds, and problems from geometric representation theory and combinatorial Hodge theory. The topics covered include the study of Littlewood-Richardson coefficients, quantum cohomology and quantum K theory of flag manifolds, Maulik-Okounkov stable envelopes and characteristic classes, conformal blocks, and combinatorics related to moduli spaces, Macdonald theory, and quiver polynomials, Soergel bimodules, Hodge theory of matroids. These are trends in a rapidly developing area, and our aim is to facilitate interactions among researchers who work on different problems but employ similar techniques, at the intersection of algebraic geometry, combinatorics, and representation theory.