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Workshop — Statistical Challenges in the Identification, Validation, and Use of Surrogate Markers

23rd August 2020   -   28th August 2020
Oaxaca, Mexico


In studies examining the effectiveness of an intervention, the availability of a surrogate marker that could be used to estimate the intervention effect and could be observed earlier than the primary outcome would allow researchers to make conclusions regarding effectiveness with less required follow-up time. Statistical methodological research on identifying such surrogate markers, assessing the value of such markers, determining when these markers should be collected, and developing tools to use these markers for future studies has led to numerous available methods and has highlighted a number of limitations. There is little agreement on the appropriate approach to identify, validate, and use surrogate markers. This workshop will bring together statisticians, biostatisticians, and epidemiologists to build on recent methodological advances in the evaluation of surrogate markers to identify robust methods that could appropriately be used in practice while also quantifying potential risks if certain necessary assumptions are violated