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PCCC3 — 3rd Post Combustion Capture Conference

8th September 2015 - 11th September 2015
Regina, United Kingdom


3rd Post Combustion Capture Conference. The conference will build on the success of PCCCs1 and 2 and will focus on current PCC issues, developments and future trends in CO2 post combustion capture technology. PCCC3 will also host a special session to showcase the first year operation experience from CO2capture facility at Boundary Dam. Delegates will also have the opportunity to visit the CO2 capture facilities at Boundary Dam and Shand Power Stations. Topics to be covered at PCCC3:     Amine based solvent development,     Biphasic solvents,     2nd/3rd generation capture technology,     Capture process modelling,     Process integration & economics,     Process scale up, operational flexibility and risk analysis,     Pilot plant & demonstration projects,     Demonstration project regulatory issues & lessons learnt,     Environmental impacts,     Equipment corrosion issues,     Industrial application.

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