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2 Day Workshop at BIRS — Almost Periodicity in Aperiodic Order

24th July 2020   -   26th July 2020
Banff, Alberta, Canada


The theory of Aperiodic Order was stimulated by the discovery of quasicrystals in 1980s by Dan Shechtman, a discovery for which he was awarded the 2011 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. It built upon groundbreaking work of Yves Meyer and Roger Penrose from the 1970s, and major contributions were made by Jeffrey Lagarias and Robert Moody in the 1990s. This area of mathematics studies systems with long-range order, typically manifested by a large Bragg diffraction spectrum, but without translation symmetries. It connects seemingly different areas of mathematics, such as harmonic analysis, dynamical systems and ergodic theory, spectral theory, discrete geometry and Fourier analysis, to name just a few. This meeting will focus on the recent developments regarding the connection between almost periodicity, dynamical systems and aperiodic order.