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AEIT — A Sustainable Development of Earth: Enabling and Viable Technologies

1st October 2015 - 2nd October 2015
Naples, Italy


AEIT is an association committed to the development and dissemination of technical culture of electrical and electronic technologies by targeting the development of industrial innovation thanks to these technologies. World population has grown considerably and is expected to continue to grow: we must organize to be able to feed this population, part of which is already severely undernourished. This implies the need for different interventions including improvement in the general conditions of life of many countries and a specific increase in production capacity and processing of food products both in these countries and in those already industrialized. A program of this kind must, however, be implemented within the limits of sustainable development, being now common knowledge that the failure to comply with these limits would affect the quality of life of future generations and of some populations in spite of others. Three requirements seem implicit in this program: a widespread availability of energy to be able to undertake every possible production and processing of food products; a thrust automation of production processes so as to increase productivity by minimizing production costs; an intensive development of telecommunication systems, transportation and social management needed for a globalized development. Conversely these same technologies are becoming more and more necessary for the production of energy also from the same sources, in general biological and renewable fonts. 

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