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CHI's Coverage and Reimbursement for Advanced Diagnostics

25th August 2020   -   26th August 2021
Washington, DC, United States


Achieving commercial success for an IVD product or an LDT assay is becoming progressively more difficult in the current healthcare environment. The combination of tightening budgets and the launch of a large number of expensive molecular tests creates complications for payers to respond in traditional ways. Prior authorization and product registration require IVD companies and laboratories to deliver additional information from clinical trials and real-world data sources, which in many cases require application of AI. It is important to stay informed and current in the rapidly changing environment in order to achieve commercial success. Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Ninth Annual Coverage and Reimbursement for Advanced Diagnostics conference will provide its participants with a unique opportunity to discuss winning strategies with public and private payers as well as with their peers who are working on similar tasks.