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GMTCSM8 — GMT Community Science Meeting: Black Holes at all Scales

9th September 2020   -   11th September 2020
Sedona, AZ, United States


Black holes are among the most extraordinary objects in the Universe. Pivotal new results include the detection of gravitational radiation from merging black holes and the imaging of event horizon scale regions. These discoveries have revolutionized the field while demonstrating how much remains to be learned about black hole demographics, formation and evolution, and interactions with their environment. This conference will focus on dynamics as a way to probe and learn about black holes across all mass scales, and topics will include the environment around Sgr A*, black hole mass measurements, demographics, rates for gravitational wave events, accretion disk dynamics around single and binary black holes, and tidal disruption events. Experts across this wide range of subfields will be brought together to canvass observational and theoretical progress, highlight key unanswered questions, and motivate future directions, particularly in the era of extremely large telescopes.