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Asia Congress on Energy, Environments and Ecology Advances and Developments

17th December 2015 - 18th December 2015
Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Asia Congress on Energy, Environments and Ecology Advances and Developments will be held on the 17th and 18th December 2015 in Dubai,UAE. The event is mainly sponsored by "Asia Center of Energy, Environment and Ecology" with collaboration on regional Universities, distinguished scholars and well-known researchers all over the world in order to preparing a scientific forum on current advances of Energy, Environmental and Ecological aspects. Conferencr Topics Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to: • Energy Studies 1.Research Methods on Energy Allocating 2.Fluid and Solid Energy Systems 3.Thermodynamics Systems 4.Environmental Energy Resorting 5.Energy Controlling Systems 6.Energy Resources Systems 7.Materials Energy 8.Turbines and Infrastructural Energy Equipments 9.Vehicular Energy Assessment 10.Coastal and Marine Energy Resources • Environmental Studies 1.Recent Environmental Systems Technology 2.Iron & Steel Affected Environmental System 3.Polymer and Complex Materials Applications on Environment 4.Smart Environmental Techniques 5.Computer Aided Design of Environmental Systems 6.Environment Economics 7.Environmental Resources Allocation 8.Ceramics Materials Effects on Environment 9.Environmental-Friendly Materials 10.Structural Environmental Systems 11.Intelligent Environmental Testing • Ecological Studies 1.Regional Ecological Changing 2.Ecological Diversity Advances 3.Ecological Design 4.Ecology and Evolution 5.Eco-technology and Ecological Engineering 6.Global Warming Effects on Ecological Systems 7.Plants Ecological Systems 8.Animal Ecology Systems 9.Population Ecology Contacnt Registration, Submission, Payment Chris Chen Tel: + 027 8887 5258 Email: Eebsite:

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