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IEEE BigDataSE 2020 — The 14th IEEE International Conference on Big Data Science and Engineering

29th December 2020   -   1st January 2021
Guangzhou, China


BigDataSE (Big Data Science and Engineering) is created to provide a prime international forum for researchers, industry practitioners and environment experts to exchange the latest fundamental advances in the state of the art and practice of Big Data and broadly related areas. BigDataSE 2020 is the next event in a series of highly successful International Conferences, previously held as BigDataSE 2019 in Rotorua, New Zealand, BigDataSE 2018 in New York, USA, BigDataSE 2017 in Sydney, Australia, BigDataSE 2016 in Tianjin, China, BigDataSE 2015 in Helsinki, Finland BigDataSE 2014 in Beijing, China, BigDataSE 2013 in Sydney, Australia, BigDataMR-12 in Xiangtan, China, AHPCN-12 in Bradford, UK, AHPCN-11 in Banff, Canada, AHPCN-10 in Melbourne, Australia, AHPCN-09 in Seoul, Korea and AHPCN-08 in Dalian, China.